Top questions on Brits’ lips: What’s to eat and What’s on TV

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LONDON - “What are we having for dinner?” and “Are you OK?”- are the most common questions of modern life that Brits ask, it has been revealed.

Ask Jeeves, the Internet question-and-answer search engine, polled 3,000 adults in a quest for what Britons most want to know on a daily basis, reports the Daily Express.

The result was a series of mundane queries, with “How are you?” and “What’s on the television?” in third and fourth places in a list of 20.

The study showed that Brits are truly obsessed with food, asking with boring regularity: “Are you hungry?” and “What are you doing for lunch?”

The average person estimated they ask up to 37 questions a day - and are asked another 40 by friends, family members, colleagues and strangers.

Couples are likely to question each other through the day, checking on each other’s whereabouts from time to time.

But they come up with nothing more interesting than: “What time will you be home”, “Did you get my text?” and “Where are you?”

Weather is a popular topic of daily conversation with people asking: “What’s the weather like.”

People also regularly ask: “What shall we do tonight?”, “Have you seen my keys?” and “Would you like a coffee?”‘ (ANI)

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