Meet the world’s largest domesticated buffalo weighing 1,600lb

Saturday, November 6, 2010

LONDON - The world’s largest domesticated buffalo, Bailey Jnr, is 1,600lb, and lives in Canada.

Bailey Jnr, is a two-year-old bison, who is not even fully grown, and he lives in Sautner, Alberta, with his owners, Jim and Linda, who have raised him since he was a few weeks old.

“They bonded like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” the Daily Mail quoted Jim’s wife Linda as saying.

Bailey Jnr, who could weigh up to 2,200lbs as an adult, is allowed to walk about in the house, go for rides in the family car and suck on Jim’s hand, which he loves to do.

Jim, 63, a buffalo whisperer, was delighted when a friend offered up Bailey Jnr as a calf, as a few months before, his previous favourite Bailey had died in an accident, getting a leg caught in the metal bars of his feeder.

Bailey Sr was world famous, starring in Hollywood films and meeting royalty and he could command a 620 pounds-a-day appearance fee.

His premature death, aged four, shattered Jim and Linda, who have six children and eight grandchildren.

Buffalos usually live for 25 to 30 years, so Bailey Jnr will be in the house for a few years longer.

“It’s been pretty interesting being married to a buffalo whisperer,” Linda added. (ANI)

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