New documents reveal Hitler’s ‘last desperate stand’ during WWII

Friday, October 29, 2010

LONDON - A set of documents revealed today showed that allied forces during the Second World War believed that Hitler had a secret Nazi hideout in the Austrian Alps where he make a “last desperate stand”.

Intelligence reports suggest the so-called “Nazi National Redoubt” could hold enough food and weapons in underground caves for up to 60,000 men for two years.

The reports also revealed that the redoubt would be a refuge for “war criminals”, “Nazi fanatics” and those with “nothing to lose”, reports the Scotsman.

The 150 pages of files made public in the National Archive today contain numerous reports of construction, training, and the movement of troops, weapons, food and fuel in the area.

Another report, sourced from French intelligence for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA, stated that the Germans were planning to take 300,000 to 400,000 foreign prisoners to the redoubt, so the Allies will not be able to use gas on them.

“The chief importance of the reduit will be as a centre for directing the activities of the pro-Nazi and Fascist elements in all European countries, and particularly Germany,” the report says.

“These activities will chiefly be: propaganda, sabotage, attentats, and bribery; they will be directed by radio and courier links to resistance groups, and an effort will be made to make them world-wide.” (ANI)

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