Now, vodka bottle with personalized LED messages for your loved ones

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NEW YORK - A pair of New York-based liquor lovers have come up with vodka bottles that carry a programmable LED display that scrolls a personalized message of your choice in bright lights around the bottle.

Medea vodka is the first one to start the quirky and innovative message-on-a-bottle trend. Like a news ticker, words scroll by, delivering birthday greetings, sweet nothings - even a marriage proposal.

“I had one person who wanted to get engaged, so they used that,” The New York Daily News quoted Paul Wong, owner of Manhattan’s 34th Street Winery.

“People buy it. It’s a nice gift,” he added.

Matt Sandy, 32, and Tim Goldburt, 58, who have a background in technology, came up with the idea about four years ago.

The LED ticker on each bottle can display up to six messages, with as many as 255 characters per message. That’s 100 more than a Twitter posting.

A bottle sells for about 40 dollars and can be found in 10 markets, including New York. The vodka comes from the Netherlands, and the importers promise the taste is just as smooth as the message.

“We want people to know we took a lot of care in the vodka,” Matt Sandy said.

“It’s not a gimmick.” (ANI)

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