Verizon, Google outline vision on Internet traffic; extra charges OK for premium services

By Joelle Tessler, AP
Monday, August 9, 2010

Verizon, Google outline vision on Internet traffic

WASHINGTON — Verizon and Google are saying that Internet service providers should be allowed to charge extra to route traffic from premium services over separate, dedicated networks. Yet they still believe in prohibiting those providers from slowing, blocking or charging to prioritize regular Internet traffic.

Verizon Communications Inc. and Google Inc. announced their vision Monday following reports they having been talking to find common ground on such issues.

The companies also say these rules should apply only to wireline broadband networks, not wireless systems, which have more capacity constraints.

Verizon and Google hope their proposal would serve as a starting point for Congress as it drafts “network neutrality” rules for broadband providers. And it comes just days after the Federal Communications Commission gave up on efforts to negotiate a compromise.

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