Cambridge students to get pole dancing lessons to beat exam stress!

Monday, April 12, 2010

LONDON - Cambridge students are in for a treat - the pupils will be receiving pole dancing classes to help beat the blues that come with summer exam.

Cambridge Union Society officers have confirmed the news, and added that the classes will cost just 2 pounds for Union members.

Lessons will take in the Blue Room of the historic Union building, more commonly used as the venue for debates among venerable statesmen including Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama and former Archbishop Desmond Tutu, reports The Telegraph.

Juan de Francisco, the Union Ents Officer responsible for arranging the saucy dance classes, said: “The classes are for fitness and well-being, and are not intended to be sexual.

“High heels are actually discouraged - the instructor has told me that attendees should wear trainers or go bare-foot.

“The idea actually wasn’t mine - it was suggested to me by a female member of the Union who takes classes by the same instructor.

“I then went to the Ents Committee and asked for their opinions. I only received responses from the female members of the Committee.”

Newly-elected Juan, promised “to turn the Union into a fun refuge during a tough exam term” and said the classes could help with work-related stress. (ANI)

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