Decline of militancy in northeast attracts migrant labourers

Friday, January 7, 2011

GUWAHATI/IMPHAL - The decline of militancy in the northeast has given a fillip to growth and progress in the region following which daily wage workers from all across the country are flocking here in search of work.

Somnath, a daily wage labourer in Jorhat, earns nearly Rs 200-300 per day by taking goods from one place to another.

Somnath, a native of Bihar, who has been living with his family in Assam for many years, believes that with the decline of militancy more and more people will come here for work from other states without any fear.

“There are both good people and bad people in the region, but most of them are good as they care for us and support us,” he said.

“We earn around Rs 4000-5000 per month and we work here peacefully,” added another labourer Ram Madhav.

Industrialization of the northeast and the Look East Policy are on top of the Centre’s agenda. This has created many labor-intensive units in the region.

These units provide employment to thousands of the people from the region as well as attract workers from different parts of the country.

“I am from Bihar and have been working here without any problems for many years,” said Sunil Yadav, a labourer from Bihar.

“I do not face any kind of problem here and we work in peace and harmony,” added another labourer Pramod Kumar.

In Manipur too, laborers are working without any fear and earning their livelihood.

In the past there were a few cases of labourers from other states being targeted or threatened by militant groups, but it has come to an end with the security forces taking tough action against miscreants who try to disrupt peace and harmony in the region.

“Unlawful activities against the non-Manipuri laborers are under control. There are not many cases in the region as security forces have kept tight check against underground groups. It is peaceful here,” said Imphal West Additional Superintendent of Police AK Jhalajit Singh.

With more and more militant groups joining the peace process there has been a drastic improvement in the security situation of the region. This has not only attracted workers but also investors from across the country.We find that there is peace and we are not scared. And we can earn well here,” said Ramnath, a labourer.

“We do not fear anyone, as it does not help us. So I came here to work and have found that things are peaceful here,” added another laborer Raju. (ANI)

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