Pushpanjali Dutta blends Assam’s traditional, contemporary designs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GOLAGHAT DISTRICT - Pushpanjali Dutta, a budding fashion designer from Golaghat District in Assam, has gained fame for effectively blending traditional and contemporary Assamese designs in her creations.

Dutta, 29, is an alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Design in Kolkata.

She started her professional career with Nalli Sarees in south Delhi, but her desire for doing something in her home state brought her back to Golaghat.

After four years of hard work, she launched “One More Step”, a textile and footwear-designing unit in Golaghat with financial assistance from District Industry and Commerce (DIC), in 2008.

She has now expanded her business to New Delhi. In 2009, she started a small factory in Delhi to market her products.

“Since the beginning, I have been taking care of designing and marketing. Today, I am able to generate good business and can run the venture smoothly,” said Dutta.

Pushpanjali’s creations boast of both traditional and contemporary designs.

They include bridal collections; saris, sherwanis and traditional footwear which are marketed in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Guwahati.

The culture of northeast, especially Assam, is reflected in her work.

Her colours and designs also reflect folk elements blended with tribal cultures of the northeast.

Her work is popular not only in Assam, but also in other states.

“I want to showcase the designs of the looms by blending them with fabrics of different regions from across the country and present them in Assamese designs,” Dutta said.

Pushpanjali has been showcasing her creations at various expositions and fashion shows. She has also participated in the India International Trade Fair 2009 held in New Delhi.

Today, she is a source of inspiration for upcoming fashion designers from the northeast. (ANI)

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