Qureshi urges international community to help Pak govt in war on terror

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ISLAMABAD - The international community should give political and economic support to the Pakistan Government in the war against terrorism that affects the whole world, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said.

Qureshi made these comments during a bilateral meeting with Singapore’s Foreign Minister George Yeo at his office on Monday, the Daily Times reports.

The two ministers discussed bilateral, political, regional and international issues, and underlined the importance of expanding economic cooperation between both countries.

Qureshi highlighted that Pakistan had been a partner of the ASEAN since 1997, and wanted a peaceful and cooperative relationship with India.

“The two nuclear powers in South Asia have no other option but to resolve outstanding issues through meaningful and constructive dialogues as peace is in the interest of both the countries as well as the entire region,” he added.

Addressing academicians and business leaders later, Qureshi said: “Pakistan and Singapore have enjoyed friendly relations over many decades and we look forward to further strengthening our political, economic and cultural ties.”

The minister admired the progress made by Singapore in all fields, saying, “Singapore has recovered itself from the global financial crisis.”

“Pakistan has sincere desire to enhance its political, economic and cultural cooperation with ASEAN and would work with ASEAN countries to become its full dialogue partner and this is a part of Pakistan’s Vision East Asia Policy,” Qureshi stated. (ANI)

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