Meet the Russian woman who paints with her 40E breasts!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LONDON - Amateur artist Victoria Romanova has come up with a novel way to paint - using her 40E breasts.

Romanova smears her chest with watercolours or oil-based paint and then daubs her work on to canvas or paper.

The 26-year-old Russian, who works at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, has been painting with her bust for more than a year. I’m well endowed and suddenly had the urge to paint using my breasts,” the Sun quoted Romanova as saying.

“I had a dream I was doing it and decided to try it for real. I didn’t let anyone see me but I was proud of the results. I painted some roses and was surprised at the good outcome,” she added.

Her latest effort is of Prime Minister David Cameron pictured with Big Ben.

“The woman’s breast has its own very beautiful outline. When I am gently applying the paint on the canvas you can see the unique effect. I think it’s rather womanly and beautiful,” said Romanova, who has exhibited her art - still life, portraits and abstract - at a gallery.

“I have more than 25 paintings. I’m getting interest from all round the world. My parents were not that impressed at the start. Now they have decided that the pictures are rather nice,” she added. (ANI)

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