South Korea

SEOUL - South Korea has finally agreed to hold talks with North Korea following several entreaties from the latter to discuss escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula.
North Korea Attack Repercussions
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA ( Lee Myung-bak, the president of South Korea arranged for emergency meetings with the country's top security and economic experts post the attack of North Korea.

SEOUL - A gift of a box of fruit from an elderly South Korean man to US President Barack Obama's daughter sparked a full-scale security alert at the G-20 summit in Seoul, local media reported.

GYEONGJU - Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said International Monetary Fund (IMF) reform that will see emerging markets given increased voting rights and board seats will be start in 2013.

GYEONGJU - India is expected to press for intensive engagement to amicably resolve the currency war at the G-20 meeting of finance ministers beginning at Gyeongju, South Korea today.
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