Demand for woolen garments increases in J-K

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SRINAGAR - The demand for woolen garments and winters caps has gone up in Jammu and Kashmir with continuous fall in temperature this season.

Cap dealers and cap makers are doing brisk business with customers visiting their shops.

“Here, there is demand for winter caps. This year, the cold is severe compared to last year. The temperature is going down to minus and we are selling about 100 to 200 caps per day. We have several varieties, such wool and other designs, such as mufflers with caps. We also have full sets,” said Muzaffar Ahmad, a cap dealer.

Khwaja Bazaar in Srinagar is known for its winter caps, as run of the mill tailors cannot stitch these caps.

The makers have learnt the art from their forefathers and kept the craft alive for the last five decades.

Locals say that the chilly and dry winds make it difficult for them to venture out, and wearing caps and woolen clothes make them feel warm and protected.

“There is a lot of demand for caps. Winter is severe this year as compared to the weather in the past. People want to use caps to avoid catching a cold and cough, and that is why they have to use them. People have to use jackets as well,” said Abdul Rehman, a local.

“It becomes really difficult to venture out in the morning in this cold because the temperature has gone to minus. And when the temperature is such, then one should cover themselves so that they remain healthy,” he added.

The caps are made using thermals, fur and wool.

Young and old can be seen wearing such caps, as they shop in the market.

The mercury in most parts of Kashmir Valley is at a sub-zero level.

The Kashmir Valley experiences strong winds and snowfall during the winter season that lasts till March. (ANI)

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