World’s smallest bar situated in Oz measures 1.37m by 1.42m

Saturday, January 22, 2011

MELBOURNE - The world’s smallest bar is situated in Australia and it measures just 1.37m by 1.42m.

The bar at the Oasis Roadhouse at Lynd Junction sits just off the Gregory Development Rd “three-ways”, 112km south of Mt Garnet, 53km north of Greenvale, 270km north of Hughenden, 76km southeast of Einasleigh and 400km northwest of Townsville.

Even though it is small in size, it has been doing brisk business, with an 80-person roadworks camp set up next door for the past 12 months, and roadtrain drivers carting cattle to the Townsville meatworks stopping there for a meal.

Laurel Royes from The Oasis said the men in the road camp working on the Gregory and Kennedy development road upgrades made their own fun every Friday night.

“One bloke brings his computer over and they have a karaoke night. They’ve packed the bar out plenty of times, but it’s not hard to pack out. Mostly they sit out the front,” quoted her as saying.

In 1992, 22 people taking part in a car rally packed into the bar, creating what was then an all-time record, and in 2004, the record was smashed when 25 members of the Royes family packed into the tiny space one Christmas.

Royes added that travellers, including backpackers and wealthy tourists from all parts of Europe, often stopped at the roadhouse. (ANI)

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