Delhi to host Congress plenary session for first time in 32 years

Saturday, December 18, 2010

NEW DELHI - Delhi will play host to the All India Congress Committee (AICC) plenary session for the first time in 32 years from December 19.

The three-day plenary session will mark the completion of the year-long celebrations of the party’s 125th anniversary.

The session is being held in Burari and will be attended by close to 20,000 Congressmen from across the country.

It will be the 83rd session in the 125-year-old history of the party, and sixth to be held in Delhi.

The plenary session will deal with issues including terrorism, communalism, Jammu and Kashmir and the overall political situation in its political resolution.

There will be separate resolutions on the economic and international situation and 125 years of the Congress.

The meeting will also decide the strategy ahead for the party, with 2011 scheduled to have elections to the assemblies of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Assam and West Bengal, while 2012 will see the battle of the ballot in Uttar Pradesh along with some other states including Gujarat.

Another issue likely to be discussed at the meeting is revelations by WikiLeaks cable on Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi that has provoked a fiery political conspiracy.

The cable states that Gandhi told the US Ambassador to India that Hindu extremism is a bigger threat to India than terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba. (ANI)

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