Pair fired for using Denver Airport mobile command post for sex romps

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WASHINGTON - A firefighter and a female city employee have been fired after they were caught on videotape using Denver International Airport’s 2.5-million-dollar mobile command post for sex romps.

Both employees were on the clock, being paid by taxpayers, when the sexual liaisons occurred.

“This goes beyond the pale,” CBS News quoted Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown as saying when he reviewed the CBS4 investigation.

“This reflects poorly on every city employee. It reinforces the image… that many people have that they (city workers) don’t have enough to do, that they’re overpaid and under worked.

“In this case for the people who believe that it gives them ammunition to say “see I told you so” and it hurts everybody. It’s embarrassing to the city,” Brown stated.

The CBS4 investigation found that at least three times in 2009, the female DIA employee, who was supposed to be repairing 113 passenger bridges that go from the airport’s concourses to aircraft, slipped away from her duties and used a city vehicle to travel to Fire Station number 1 at DIA.

Once there, she and a 20-year veteran of the Denver Fire Department, who was also on duty, entered the DIA mobile command post for sex romps.

They were apparently unaware that the high tech vehicle contains a motion-activated camera that records everything that happens inside the vehicle.

Another DIA employee, doing routine work, discovered the x- rated videotape from July 5, 2009. It showed the pair undressing and engaging in sex from 3:15pm to 3:26pm.

That led to further investigation of the digital recording system, which showed the pair engaging in sexual shenanigans in March and April of 2009.

“I think everyone is shocked,” airport spokesman Jeff Green said.

“It was certainly a shock for those who turned on the video and said ‘hey what’s been going on here?’” he stated.

When DIA learned of what happened, Green said both employees were immediately suspended.

“We took immediate action. We’re not going to stand for that kind of behaviour at the airport,” Green added.

The Mobile Command Post is an emergency response vehicle that houses computers, communication uplinks and audio and video equipment. It’s deployed to emergencies on DIA runways like aircraft crashes. (ANI)

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