“Musharraf remains a dictator within despite being out of uniform and office”: PML

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LAHORE - Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf “remains a dictator” at heart even though he is “out of uniform and office”, PML-N spokesman Ahsan Iqbal has stated.

“General (r) Musharraf, by expressing his desire that he would see his opponents thrashed, demonstrates that even out of uniform and office he remains a dictator within,” The Nation quoted Iqbal, as saying in a statement on Friday.

“His [Musharraf's] assertions against Nawaz Sharif carry no value because he enjoyed undiluted powers for eight years and spent billions of rupees on NAB to get Nawaz Sharif convicted on corruption charges but couldn’t press even a single charge before court of law,” he added.

The PML-N spokesman claimed that Musharraf was attacking Nawaz and his party because he feared his accountability at their hands, while he remained quiet on Zardari because there was an NRO understanding between the two.

He also said that the former despot had one role to play in future- to face charges of treason and crimes against people, including the assassination of Nawab Bugti and students in Lal Masjid.

“His assertion of talking eye to eye with the West is a joke, as he was the one who surrendered to Stone Age threats, which were later contradicted by US officials,” Iqbal concluded. (ANI)

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