Bhagwan Birsa Zoo in Jharkhand launches animal adoption programme

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ORMANJHI - The Bhagwan Birsa Zoo in Jharkhand’s Ormanjhi town launched ‘Adopt an Animal’ programme to involve participation of animal-lovers in the upkeep of the zoo inmates.

As per the programme, any citizen, family, institute or a corporate organisation can adopt a zoo animal for a day, a month, three months a year, three years or five years, by bearing the cost of the animal’s food and routine care.

“We are inviting those people who are interested in wildlife or who want to involve themselves in wildlife, to come and adopt the animals. The adoption will include the food, medicines and other expenses, and they can bear it from one to five years,” said P. K. Verma, director of the zoo.

The visitors at the zoo were happy with the initiative and said animal-lovers should take advantage of this.

“This is a good initiative that the zoo officials have taken to put so many animals and people are happy to express their interest in the animals and the love for them. Animals these days are getting extinct so this step taken by the government is very encouraging. People are also interested in adopting animals and even I wish to adopt them and take care of them,” Chandan Chaudhary, a visitor. (ANI)

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