Auto Serve Exhibition 2010 starts in Chennai

Saturday, November 20, 2010

CHENNAI - The fourth edition of Auto Serve exhibition started in Chennai to provide a platform to showcase the opportunities in automotive aftermarket business and to provide a marketing and educational platform for companies in the sector.

The exhibition is focused on the Indian automotive aftermarket industry and perfect marketing and educational platform to meet, interact, educate, demonstrate and conduct business with service heads of automotive companies.

Interacting with mediapersons Auto Serve 2010 organiser and chairman Dinesh said the event is to solve the service requirements of all kinds of vehicle owners.

“One is to give a focus of the aftermarket industry. As an event, there is no specific event that focuses only on aftermarket. So, the service requirements, the parts supports which are required for bus operators, vehicle operators for car owners that are the main focus of this event,” said Dinesh.

General Manager-Sales, Madhus Garage Equipments Private Limited Rajesh Philip said such an event is creating awareness among the customers of how the aftermarket capabilities are moving forward.

“There are lot of products that are available and we are trying to create awareness to the customers through such exhibitions about the aftermarket capabilities. Actually the aftermarket is also becoming more organisable,” said Philip.

“It is moving towards more organised sector and this actually is creating awareness to the various customers about how we are moving forward,” he added.

The exhibition will end on Sunday. By Jaikumar (ANI)

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