Maharashtra rice farmer’s inventions put him in Forbes’ list

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NANDED - A rice farmer from Nanded village in Maharashtra became celebrity as the ‘Forbes’ magazine named him in the Most Powerful Rural Indians list for his innovation in rice production.

Dadaji Khobragade, changed paddy farming by developing a highly successful variety of paddy, named HMT rice, which gives 80 percent more yield than conventional varieties.

The HMT rice is sold at around rupees 3,200 per quintal.

Khobragade said he named the rice after his wristwatch’s brand, Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT).

Presently, Khobragade is landless because due to sudden financial crisis he sold his three-acre farmland. hobragade said he is happy that ‘Forbes’ had recognized his efforts.

“I am really happy being named in the magazine and whatever happened with me, I got nothing with this, still. Neither did I ask anybody before, nor would I in future. Whatever I have is fine with me,” said Khobragade.

“Many people are earning good profits and luxuries due to my work. They are travelling in big cars and staying in big buildings, and I am still walking due to lack of money. This is my condition and I have to think about it,” he added.

“It was essential to quote a name to my invention, so nothing clicked in my mind apart from the brand name of my watch, so I named it HMT,” said Khobragade. (ANI)

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