Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit launches new round of campaign to eliminate polio

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NEW DELHI - Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit launched a fresh round of Pulse Polio campaign from her residence here on Saturday to wipe out polio disease by administering anti-polio drops to children.

Speaking at this occasion, the Chief Minister informed that no case of polio has been reported this year in Delhi and with the continuous ongoing efforts by anti-polio team members, entire India will witness zero case of disease in the nation.

“I have been told that this year just 40 cases (of polio) have been found in entire India with no cases in Delhi. It is a good signal but it does not mean that this initiative would be slowed down as new generation’s birth take place and it is essential to look after them in this regard. I am really happy that we have reached that level where we can predict that soon there would be zero polio in the country,” said Dikshit.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s Health Minister Kiran Walia also appreciated the successful outcome of polio awareness camps in the national capital, which has led to no fresh case of the disease.

“We are not going to forget this challenge but it is a matter of great proud that since last June 2009, it was our very successful effort that in entire one and a half year, no fresh case of polio has occurred (in Delhi). Still we have crossed our fingers and it doesn’t mean that we are going to take it easily,” said Walia.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) data, this year, India has recorded a significant drop in the number of cases of the polio disease.

The number of cases of type-I polio is only 16 this year as compared to 51 last year, while type-3 cases are 23 against last year’s 343. (ANI)

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