Walt Disney, Virgin and Google amongst top 10 dream employers

Friday, October 29, 2010

SYDNEY - Are you one of those who want to work someplace else? If so, you aren’t alone - a study released this week showed that 73 per cent of workers want to work somewhere else.

The inaugural Dream Employers survey, run by RedBalloon and Insync asked people in Australia and New Zealand to nominate their dream employer.

The top 10 are:

1. Google

2. Virgin

3. Self-employment

4. Apple

5. Qantas

6. Walt Disney

7. OMD

8. Sydney Water

9. Getaway

10. Coca-Cola

OMD is a global communications organisation, which has been named the “most creative media agency in the world” for the fifth year in a row, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

74 per cent of respondents saying they love the idea of working for themselves. The reasons - yearning for greater flexibility, the thrill of working in an area of personal interest and the potential to earn more money.

According to the respondents, nothing is more important than a company’s reputation; a bland brand is a turn-off. An organisation’s culture is the second-most attractive feature, and the ability of an employer to provide an adequate work/life balance comes in at third.

The study also revealed that when given a choice between working for a not-for-profit and a luxury brand, twice as many people chose the not-for-profit. (ANI)

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