Young cinemagoers in Pak against traditional segregated seating arrangement

Monday, October 18, 2010

LAHORE - In what may be seen as an emerging trend in Pakistan, cinemagoers in its second largest city are rejecting the traditional concept of separate seating enclosures for families and single males in cinema halls.

This trend could be termed as a change in the attitude of fun-starved Lahoris who adapt to the new modes, especially when it comes to entertainment- be it prom nights or healthy entertainment in the form of theatre, the Daily Times reported.

One of the cinemagoers, who was at a theatre with his family, appealed to the cinema officials to allow singles to sit in the family hall, as it would not vitiate the atmosphere.

“Instead, the boys will behave when they will find families sitting around. They will not wait at the corner of the streets instead to eve-tease,” observed the 40-something man.

One of his female family members, a 9th grade student, said that she would not mind boys sitting in the same hall as long as they were well-behaved, and added that being a student of a co-education school, she knew how to handle such matters.

Another boy, in his mid 20s, complained that it was uncomfortable to watch movies from the rows, which had been placed below the family hall.

“I have come here with my friends but they would not allow me to sit in the family hall. It is unjust to boys,” he added.

When asked about the public sentiment, Zeeshan, a manager at the cinema, said that the administration had made separate arrangements to promote family entertainment. (ANI)

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