Army sets up school in Pahalgam to educate students, shun violence

Saturday, October 16, 2010

PAHALGAM - In a bid to motivate students towards their academics after the series of curfews in the Kashmir Valley, the Army has set up the Army Goodwill Public School (AGPS) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pahalgam town.

The AGPS has succeeded in motivating the young minds to shun violence and concentrate on their academics.

The unrest in the Valley, particularly in Srinagar has forced closure of schools had diverted the attention of the students from their regular studies.

Major General Gurdeep Singh, General Commanding Officer (GOC), Victor Force, under whom this school functions, said: “Education is of prime importance for parents. Their goal is to provide good education to their children and ultimately see them do well in life.”

“Considering this alongwith the fact that border areas lack even basic school facilities, we started this school to cover up the deficiency in basic academics,” he added.

The students of AGPS consider themselves fortunate to be part of this school and they are determined to attend their school regularly.

“We consider ourselves lucky that we are here in AGPS and we are getting continuous education as the teachers they try with loads of (utmost) courage and they are trying to (impart) knowledge (to) us; they are trying their best to educate us,” said Faisal Ahmed, a student of AGPS, Pahalgam.

“During these circumstances and the scenario in the Valley we consider ourselves luckiest persons that we are in this school. Even in such times of conflict, we are getting education,” he added.

Danish Farooq, another student said that unlike the youth elsewhere in the valley region indulging in pelting of stones, he is more concerned about his studies since there are elders to address whatever be the issue.

“I want to give them a message that stone pelting may be for a cause but students shouldn’t take part in such activities like protests. Let the seniors participate; our role should be to do our job that is educating ourselves. Education should be our only goal,” said Farooq. (ANI)

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