Aerial seeding to enhance green cover in Mumbai!

Friday, October 15, 2010

MUMBAI - The Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will now enhance the green cover, as a private agency aims to sprinkle seeds over certain areas of the city.

The areas are still to be identified in the concrete jungle of metropolitan Mumbai.

“We would like to launch our new project called the helicopter aerial tree seeding program, which is basically focused to enrich the environment and increase and enhance the green cover over the city of Mumbai and there after over various states all over India,” said H Suresh Rao, Managing Director of Pushpaka Aviation.

Rao mentioned that the nature of the trees planted and the areas where this programme is being carried out were determined by environmental and geographical evaluations.

The campaign also seeks to target the rising population of mosquitoes, as they are responsible for widespread diseases such as malaria and dengue.

In addition to seeding fertile areas, helicopters would also be used to sprinkle insecticides particularly in areas where terrestrial application is either unviable or unfeasible.

“The purpose for aerial application to control mosquitoes is basically when we use Vectobac, which is sprayed manually. There are lots of areas that are inaccessible and therefore aerial application helicopter can reach to the inaccessible areas also and spread this effectively,” said Rao.

Rao said that the programme would be initiated in Mumbai but aims at spreading across the country.

Mumbai Mayor Shraddha Jadhav stated that the State government would support the programme as soon as it receives a formal proposition.y Nitika Gupta (ANI)

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