AP Exclusive: Confidential letters reflect Iran’s anger, cloud success of planned nuke talks

By George Jahn, AP
Thursday, August 5, 2010

AP Exlusive: Iran defiant in nuclear documents

VIENNA — Letters by Iranian officials that have been shared with The Associated Press indicate that progress is unlikely at new planned talks on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The two letters reflect Iran’s determination to continue the nuclear activities that have led to the imposition of new rounds of U.N., EU, and U.S. sanctions over fears that Tehran might be seeking to develop nuclear arms.

At the same time, world powers preparing to talk to Tehran are unwilling to cede grounds on key demands concerning Iran’s uranium enrichment activities, dimming prospects that the new negotiations will ease tensions.

Iran insists it wants to enrich uranium only to make fuel for a planned reactor network and denies accusations that it will use the program to make fissile warhead material.

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