Assam host second tea festival in Jorhat District

Saturday, November 27, 2010

JORHAT - The second edition of the three-day Assam Tea Tourism Festival 2010 began in Assam’s Jorhat District, aiming to boost tourism in the State and promoting Assam’s 200-year old tea industry.

“Government of Assam has decided to have a tea festival to attract the tourists from all over India as well as from abroad, highlighting the availability of tea gardens and the other cultures here”, said R. C. Jain, Deputy Commissioner of Jorhat and President of the organising committee of the Tea Tourism Festival.

“Tea has given a great boost to the economy of Assam as well as India. Most of the tea is exported,” he added.

The festival, which began on November 26, showcased a cultural show, which included the Jhumur and the Bihu dances. A friendly football match was also organized in which women from the tea tribes participated.

An exhibition was held showcasing the growth and development of the tea industry and how tea is produced.

Stalls were set up for tourists to sample different qualities of Assam tea from various gardens.

The visitors enjoyed the festival and said that they hope it continues.

“The tea festival has been organised in a systematic and beautiful manner. Everybody is enjoying the festival. The stalls have been set up as per different varieties and products. Visitors are visiting every stall. We hope that this festival will continue in the years to come,” said Saurav Kalita, a tea grower and a visitor.

The Tea Tourism Festival will conclude on November 28. (ANI)

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