PPP asks Nawaz Sharif to account for ‘embezzled’ 300mn rupees

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LAHORE - The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab Secretary Information, Dr Fakhruddin Chaudhry, has asked the PML-N leadership to account for the 300 million rupees allegedly spent out of the public exchequer on the development work carried out at Raiwind Estate of the Sharif brothers.

At a news conference, Fakhruddin alleged that out of the 300 million rupees, 70 million had been incurred on setting up of a PTCL exchange with 200 telephone lines, while the irrigation department had spent 80 million rupees on the construction of new water courses leading to Sharif’s Raiwind farm, The Nation reported.

The Punjab govt paid out another 70 million rupees for the provision of Sui gas while the Public Works department expended 80 million rupees on the construction of roads leading to the Raiwind Palace, he added.

He pointed out that though the PPP government had not registered any corruption case against the PML-N leaders due to its policy of reconciliation, the nation had the right to ask them to account for the taxpayers’ money spent on the development of Raiwind Estate.

Nawaz was on record having said that his government had registered fake cases against President Asif Ali Zardari, said Fakhruddin, adding that a video had also surfaced, exposing the conspiracy hatched against Zardari to confine him in jail for a longer period.

He demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, to quash the cases against the president by taking suo moto notice of the latest revelations.

The PPP leader also asked Nawaz to seek forgiveness from the nation for instituting bogus cases against Zardari, and keeping him in jail for eleven years.

The Punjab government was running on a stay order since long, and now was the time to conclude the case on a priority basis, said Fakhruddin, while demanding of the Lahore High Court Chief Justice to do the needful in this regard. (ANI)

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