Honey I Shrunk the World in a digital media handbook

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Harsha Bhogle, renowned cricket commentator and journalist unveiled the first-of-its-kind global digital media handbook, ‘Honey I Shrunk The World’ at Crossword, Kemps Corner on Dec 22.

‘Honey I Shrunk the World’ is a complete guide on the online marketing platform. The book provides intricate details and statistics on online consumption, behavior patterns across global regions and digital marketing domain, spanning nine global regions including Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceanic and South America. Honey I Shrunk the World also features detailed numbers of markets within each of these regions along with information on top sites and net surfing behavior of consumers.

Atul Hegde, CEO, Ignitee felt that the books was because, “Knowledge is best when shared among people”. Publisher Ajay Mago echoed his sentiments.

Harsha Bhogle humourously expressed that “if I were to compare Honey I Shrunk the World to cricket then, it would be as good as squeezing an entire test series in a T20 format.”

Anjali Raina, Executive Director of Harvard Business School, India Research Centre in Mumbai commented, “The book gave me an insight into the digital media as an educator, that made a world of a difference.”

Ajit Balakrishnan, Founder, Rediff.com felt the book “has tremendous international potential,” Harsha Bhogle added, “This book is giving us knowledge about a medium that all of us are in love with all of us actively participate in an none of us pay for!”

Reminiscing his advertising days he said, “The book takes us to a time when we wished we had data to help us, and said that the book gave his insight into sites and data that I did not know existed.”

As of now, ‘Honey I Shrunk the world’ books its berth as the first-of-its-kind venture!

-Sampurn Media

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