PRETORIA - Street children in South Africa will now be provided shelter by the government and helped in leading a better life free from exploitation.

PRETORIA, South Africa - South Africa's president says the government will launch an ambitious plan to build 400,000 homes for people living in shacks on the outskirts of the nation's cities.

PRETORIA, South Africa - South Africans are celebrating Nelson Mandela's birthday by planting gardens, painting clinics and calling for unity.

JOHANNESBURG - The Rev. Nico Smith, a white pastor who challenged South Africa's apartheid system by moving with his wife into a black township in the 1980s, has died of a heart attack, one of his daughters said Sunday.

PRETORIA, South Africa - President Jacob Zuma declares South Africa ready for the start of the World Cup and praises the world's sporting event for bringing cohesion to his once divided nation.
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