TORONTO - An Iranian justice official has said that Western 'propaganda' will not prevent the law enforcement authorities of his country from going ahead with the execution by stoning of a woman, who has been charged with adultery.
TORONTO - Pop diva Celine Dion is pregnant with twin boys Confirming the sex of her babies on her website Friday, the Canadian star said, "Celine and Rene (Angelil) expecting Twin Boys! "Celine first announced the upcoming new additions to the Angelil-Dion family back in May, and now she just revealed that she is expecting twin boys!'' The biggest selling female singer had announced her pregnancy in May after a reported miscarriage and six unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization procedures.
TORONTO - A Canadian woman tried to jump out of a flying plane by trying to open the door.
TORONTO - Penguin Canada Wednesday rehired Lisa Rundle, whose allegations last month of sexual harassment against David Davidar led to his sacking by the publishing giant.
TORONTO - A Canadian-led panel of retired civilian and military officials from India and Pakistan has called upon the two countries to update the Lahore memorandum of understanding on easing tensions between them.
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