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DES MOINES, Iowa - Gardens have been named the hottest trend in restaurants this year as more chefs involved with the eat local food movement decide to grow their own tomatoes, herbs and other produce.

AMSTERDAM - Vincent van Gogh must have been horrified when he returned from the hospital to his studio in Arles early in 1889 to find one of his favorite paintings damaged by moisture.

DES MOINES, Iowa - A fungus spreading among the nation's basil crop may leave lovers of Italian and Thai food feeling a bit bland.

PRETORIA, South Africa - South Africans are celebrating Nelson Mandela's birthday by planting gardens, painting clinics and calling for unity.

PARIS - You wouldn't think of John Galliano as having a green thumb, but the Christian Dior designer delivered an immaculately tended flower garden of riotous colors at the luxury label's fall-winter 2011 haute couture show on Monday.
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