Concorde Crash Trial Results Out
PARIS, FRANCE ( Continental airlines has been held guilty of committing involuntary manslaughter in a Concorde supersonic plane crash which took place at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport nearly 10 years back.
Europe Weather Conditions Worsening
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM ( Large parts of Europe including France and the UK are reeling under extreme weather conditions.
Picasso Paintings Found
PARIS, FRANCE ( Around 271 unseen works of Pablo Picasso were brought to the limelight by an old French electrician who found the paintings in his garage.

BREST, France - A chemical tanker carrying thousands of tons of solvent was in difficulty Friday off France's northwestern coast after an apparent collision with another ship, French maritime officials said.

PARIS - France's Constitutional Council has endorsed a law forbidding face-covering Islamic veils anywhere in public.
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