TORONTO - A Canadian-born visible minority man earns about 18 per cent less than a Canadian-born white man with similar education and experience, according to Simon Fraser University Indian origin economist Krishna Pendakur.

OTTAWA - The World Sikh Organization has expressed its disappointment over a unanimous vote in the National Assembly to bar the kirpan from all legislative buildings.

OTTAWA - Whistle-blowing web site WikiLeaks has revealed that a Canadian navy commander had warned about a collusion between Somali pirates and the transitional Somali government that's being backed by the West.

OTTAWA - The Stephen Harper government in Canada has expressed concern about ongoing developments in Egypt, and about what might come next, and whether it will lead to democratic reform or extremism.

QUEBEC - Four Sikhs invited to appear before a Quebec legislative committee to debate a bill that deals with the reasonable accommodation of religious minorities, were barred from entering the National Assembly building after metal detectors discovered that they were carrying kirpans.
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