JERUSALEM - Israel on Tuesday expelled an Irish Nobel peace laureate and pro-Palestinian activist who was barred from the country for trying to bust the naval blockade of Gaza.

JERUSALEM - An Irish Nobel peace laureate accused Israel of being an "apartheid" state during a deportation hearing before the country's Supreme Court Monday, prompting a strong rebuke from a justice who told her to keep her "propaganda" to herself.

JERUSALEM - An Israeli Supreme Court has chastised an Irish Nobel peace laureate for calling Israel an "apartheid state" during her deportation hearing.

JERUSALEM - An Israeli court on Friday rejected an Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate's appeal against her deportation orders over entering Israel while being banned from the country for trying to reach Gaza on a blockade-busting vessel in June.

JERUSALEM - Jewish activists who sought to breach Israel's Gaza blockade this week said Wednesday that navy commandos treated them harshly when they intercepted their boat.
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