PPP terms PML-N decision to end alliance in Punjab ’sad day for democracy’

Sunday, February 27, 2011

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan People’s Party has termed the Pakistan Muslim League-N’s decision to expel its ministers from the Punjab government a ’sad day for democracy’, and declared that it would play the role of an effective opposition in the province.

“We would like to emerge as an effective opposition and hold the Punjab government accountable. The PPP will promote issue-based politics,” The Express Tribune quoted Federal Minister for Interprovincial Coordination Senator Raza Rabbani, a veteran PPP leader, as saying during a joint press conference.

A crucial meeting of the PML-N central executive committee held on Friday with party chief Nawaz Sharif in the chair decided to part ways with the PPP in Punjab, asserting that it was not satisfied with the progress made on the implementation of its 10-point reforms agenda.

Nawaz regretted that not even a single demand of the reforms agenda, which he said was drafted in larger interests of the country, could be implemented satisfactorily by the government in the 45-day period given to it, which expired last Tuesday.

PPP leaders, however, refuted the allegation that no progress was made on the PML-N’s 10-point agenda. Rabbani read out all points of the agenda and briefed the media on the various stages of implementation.

“I am not ready to accept the stance that the PPP leadership did not fulfill its promise. I can recount specific instances. There might have been some delay but our leadership fulfilled all the promises made with the PML-N,” Rabbani said.

The PPP leader also expressed hope that the PML-N leadership would abide by the spirit of Article 63-A that bars members of legislative assemblies from voting against the will of the party leadership on whose ticket they have been elected.

After PPP’s ouster from the Punjab government, the PML-N now requires the support of around two dozen provincial legislators to maintain a simple majority in the Punjab Assembly. (ANI)

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