PML-N ends alliance with PPP in Pak’s Punjab province due to ‘unfulfilled promises’

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ISLAMABAD - The political marriage of convenience in Pakistan’s Punjab province has ended in a divorce as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) announced its decision to expel the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) from the provincial government.

A crucial meeting of the PML-N central executive committee held at the Punjab House with party chief Nawaz Sharif in the chair decided to part ways with the PPP in Punjab, asserting that it was not satisfied with the progress made on the implementation of its 10-point reforms agenda.

“From now onwards, we will no more be with the PPP in Punjab. Our paths are separate,” the Daily Times quoted Nawaz, as saying while addressing a press conference.

He regretted that not even a single demand of the reforms agenda, which he said was drafted in larger interests of the country, could be implemented satisfactorily by the government in the 45-day period given to it, which expired last Tuesday.

The PML-N chief also criticised the PPP for its “unserious attitude”, and claimed that his party wanted the government to take steps to end poverty, unemployment and shortages of power and gas.

“PPP leadership has not fulfilled its promises on the Charter of Democracy (CoD), Bhurban Accord, restoration of judiciary and other national issues,” he added.

Nawaz also said that the PML-N “has a firm belief in politics of reconciliation,” and added: “We wanted to strengthen the democratic process while brushing aside the interference of establishment in the country politics.”

The former premier further said that the demand of mid-term elections was not unconstitutional, and expressed the hope that the PPP would bring a positive change in its attitude after this decision.

In reply to a question, Nawaz said that the modalities of parting ways with the PPP would be announced in a day or two. He said that it was an issue between the two parties, not between the provincial and federal government.

The PML-N will continue to play its important role as opposition in the federal government,” Nawaz added. (ANI)

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