‘Extreme sitting sport’ is latest fad sweeping across Germany

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MELBOURNE - A new sports trend sweeping across Germany has emerged in the form of a stool that has been specially designed to perform tricks with and then sit down on.

‘Sporthockers’, as participants of the bizarre activity are called, juggle and balance the stool in a similar way to those performing skateboarding tricks, without looking ludicrous in the process, and end it by sitting down on it.

The double-sided stool can be thrown, twisted, rolled or slid, and the sport calls for creativity, coordination and timing with the goal being to perform as many difficult tricks as possible.

While it may look painful, German creators Michael and Stephen Landshutz say the stool is designed with rubber lining to minimise the “ouch” factor.

“It is very light weight and tough, so you can do a lot of tricks with it and sit down comfortably,” the Courier Mail quoted the creators as saying.

The Sporthocker has been named one of the best new products of 2011 by sports industry trade show Ispo, which has heaped praise on the stool, saying that while it was created in 2007 it is now becoming a “movement”.

“Sporthocker is more than just a product. It is a movement, a trend, a new sport,” Ispo said in a statement.

“Hockern can be practised almost everywhere, the individually designed Hockers can be easily taken everywhere and maybe sitting around will get a completely new meaning in urban life,” it stated. (ANI)

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