Dissident artist loses confidence in Chinese legal system following “fake” charges

Saturday, January 29, 2011

BEIJING - A Chinese dissident artist Wu Yuren, who has been falsely accused of assaulting police, has said he has lost faith in his country’s legal system.

The Guardian quoted his wife, Karen Patterson, as saying that Wu’s trial had begun in November last year, but was adjourned after the judge agreed to a defence request and asked police to produce an unedited video footage of the tape, used against him as an evidence, to prove his innocence.

Police, however, said that the original footage was lost with the installation of a new surveillance system.

An angry Wu then told the court that the allegations against him were ‘fake’, but the court ordered him to shut his mouth, his wife said.

“Because you cannot show any concrete evidence on me for the past eight months, then this is all fake, and to live in China now is a big risk … I have no confidence in the [legal] system,” Patterson quoted Wu as telling the court.

“He was not as composed as last time. I think it’s taking a toll on him and he is frustrated. I think he had a lot to say, but they wouldn’t let him say it. It’s revolting. It is a travesty he is even in there. They have no evidence on him,” she added.

Wu had participated in a march along with other artists in Beijing last year to protest against brutal attacks on them during attempts to damage their studios.

Ai Weiwei, an aritist and one of Wu’s supporters, has said he was being prosecuted because of his activism.

A huge number of supporters gathered outside the court and shouted slogans in favour of him, as the police vehicle drove him away from the court. (ANI)

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