Scottish man with Robinson Crusoe author’s name rescued from island

Thursday, January 27, 2011

LONDON - A Scottish man, who goes by the same name as the author of Robinson Crusoe, was recently rescued from a remote island in Scotland after he and his female partner were left stranded by rising tides.

‘Robinson Crusoe’ is a 1719 novel by acclaimed author Daniel Defoe about a man who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island, encountering native Americans, captives and mutineers, before being rescued.

But as far as namesake Daniel Defoe, from Livingstone, was concerned, he and his partner were left stranded on Cramond Island, off the coast of Scotland, and help was just a phone call away.

Seafarers from RNLI at South Queensferry rescued the two after Defoe called for help using his mobile phone.

“We received the call at 3.10pm when we were told that a man and his female partner had been cut off by the tide at Cramond Island,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Forth coastguard as saying.

“The man was a bit sheepish about revealing his name at first. He was called Daniel Defoe - the same name as the author of Robinson Crusoe.

“Crusoe was stuck on his island for years, but he didn’t have a mobile phone.

“This Daniel Defoe did all the right things and the rescue was relatively straight forward,” the spokesman added. (ANI)

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