Memorial for 2001 Gujarat earthquake: State Government wants victims to contribute

Thursday, January 27, 2011

KUTCH - As India observed the 10th anniversary of 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the relatives of the victims seemed to be unhappy over the fact that the state government wanted them to contribute financially in the construction of a memorial park.

Kalpna Shah, President of Anjar Municipal Corporation said that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi wants the victim’s relatives and people of the state to contribute in the construction of the memorial park.

“The government is contributing Rs 1000 crore for the memorial park. But our Chief Minister wanted the people of the State to become part of this initiative. The families who lost their children in the tragedy and the common people should also contribute in this construction work,” said Shah.

“We know that it is impossible to place statues of all the victim children, as you can see the area is very small. People from across the country or abroad would also visit the memorial park but there is little space. Still we would use this place by maintaining it. But we need a big memorial park. Ten years have passed since the tragedy occurred and we are paying homage to the victims here, but the space is too small,” said Nitaba Jadeja, relative of a victim.

The park is to be built at the palce where many students had lost their lives while participating in a school rally to mark the Republic Day celebrations.

Modi had earlier promised in 2008 to build a world-class memorial park on the outskirts of Anjar town.

An earthquake of 7.7 magnitudes had affected 15.9 million people in 7, 904 villages.

The earthquake, that cut a swathe through large parts of Gujarat, was the worst natural disaster to hit India since independence in 1947. (ANI)

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