Meet the Brit couple that was forced to cancel wedding ten times

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LONDON - Planning a wedding usually takes a lot of hard work and time, but for a British couple it was more like a nightmare, after they were forced to cancel it ten times.

Nicky Pretty, 41, from Bournemouth, was first due to marry fiance Trevor, 43, three years ago, but a series of disasters prevented them from actually tying the knot.

Their first attempt had been in February 2008 when they were due to get married in Cyprus. But they had to cancel when Nicky’s brother and sister both backed out because of their newborn babies.

Then on April 2008 they made their second attempt by booking Christchurch Captain’s Club as they though it would be cheaper. But had to cancel when it cost 140 pounds a head.

During their third attempt in August 2009 they decided to fly to Hong Kong. They had to call it off when they found out that it would take five days to process the marriage - and it was after they were due to come home.

Their fourth attempt was on June 2010 when they decided to hire a hall for the wedding and reception, but was priced out by another couple.

For their fifth attempt in July 2010 they planned a home reception, but cancelled after neighbours complained about the noise the party would create.

They then decided during their sixth attempt on August 2010 to hold it away from home, and booked a ceremony in Fiji, which they had to call off at the last minute as no friends or family would be there.

During their seventh attempt in September 2010 they booked a hotel, but called the wedding off as another couple had hired on the same day.

On their eighth attempt in October 2010 they booked a nautical-themed wedding on a boat, but discovered low tides meant they couldn’t use the boat.

The couple’s ninth attempt in November 2010 did not work out either after they tried to switch slots after discovering caterers were booked up, only to discover registrar was fully booked.

The tenth attempt on December 2010 saw them booking a registry office. But they had to cancel when they realised they couldn’t get all their family and friends there.

The two were finally married last month at Lothian Chambers in Edinburgh but only after snow threatened an 11th postponement.

Nicky, a market research project manager at Bournemouth University said she was relieved to finally be married.

“I was beginning to think the wedding would never happen so I am relieved to be Mrs Pretty at last,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“When we finally said our vows it was perfect. For some people things fall apart on the day but for me it came together and got better and better,” she stated.

The wedding cake was a giant cupcake iced with the words: “Trevor and Nicky have finally done it”. (ANI)

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