Kiwi ‘bra man’ charged with indecent assault

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WELLINGTON - A fake doctor who is known as the ‘bra man’ was charged with indecent assault by a court on Thursday.

Owen Yaemes, who claimed to be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, assaulted one woman by massaging her breast inside her bra as she lay on a treatment table.

He then asked her to stand facing the wall before coming up behind her, grasping both breasts and pulling her back into his chest and thrusting his pelvis forward while sexually aroused.

After a two-day defended hearing in Tauranga District Court, he was announced guilty, reports New Zealand Herald.

He will be sentenced on April 18.

The first victim said that during her fourth visit for a back complaint, Yaemes told her she was not wearing her bra correctly. He undid it, loosened the straps then stood in front of her and without warning placed his hands inside the cups, cupped her breasts and adjusted them.

The second victim, who sought treatment for a rib injury, said that during one visit Yaemes told her he was going to check she was wearing her bra correctly. He removed her bra completely, adjusted the straps, put it back on her and without warning cupped her breasts inside the bra and adjusted them, she said.

Judge Thomas Ingram found Yaemes guilty. He said the defendant described himself as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine but had no formal qualifications. (ANI)

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