Two debt-ridden farmers commit suicide in Madhya Pradesh

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CHATTARPUR - Two debt-ridden farmers have committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhattarpur district after their harvest was destroyed due to lack of water and severe cold.

Kunjilal and Lakhan committed suicide on Friday.

Kashiram Aahirvar, Kunjilal’s brother, said that the farmer had been under great pressure after the loss of the crop.

“When he went to see his farms, all the crops of dal (pulses) were dried up because of water scarcity. Because of the mist on the vegetable stems, the entire crop was all destroyed,” Kashiram said.

“Due to this huge loss, he was very tensed as to how would he get his daughter married and from where would he pay off the loan. He was in great tension due to money as he had debt from society also, so because of all this he committed suicide,” he added.

Sarita Yadav, a legislator, said that nobody could control the weather, and maintained that the government had supported the farmers by providing them monetary aid.

“Farmers were in tension due to the severe cold but I believe this is a natural disaster. But our government tried and helped them a lot by giving them money during these times,” Yadav said.

“When the Chief Minister had visited Khajuraho city, then he had given instructions to the collector to immediately survey the losses so that government could give some monetary aid before January 28,” she added.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 8,360 farmers have committed suicide since 2005.

Madhya Pradesh is among the top five states in suicides by farmers. (ANI)

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