Development initiatives begin in Maoist-affected Bihar’s village

Saturday, January 22, 2011

JEHANABAD - In an initiative to integrate the village into the mainstream and stave off insurgency, several development projects are underway in the Maoist-affected Sikaria village in Bihar’s Jehanabad district.

Hospitals and schools have also been developed and new roads constructed in the region.

State Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who visited the village on Friday to inaugurate a hospital, assured further developments in the region.

“Five years back, nothing was there in Sikaria village. Today, lots of developments have taken place here. Likewise, it is essential for rapid development in the villages that new road be made, more schools built, hospitals run properly, and good education is given to the students,” said Kumar.

He further said proper employment would see the Maoism decrease in the state.

“If these kinds of developmental works will take place as per the instructions of your government then it would be quite fruitful, as people will be satisfied. If the people will be satisfied then no one will be rebellious and nobody will think about taking weapons in hand,” said Kumar.

Meanwhile, the villagers expressed their appreciation for the recent developments.

“Earlier the situation in this village was really bad. People were scared of Maoists attack. No one used to talk about the trouble created by Maoists and they used to kill people frequently. Even the authorities were silent,” said Manoj Kumar, a villager.

“Bt now, everything is available here, good schools and colleges are made for proper education and markets are built. Every essential development has been taken place here,” he added. (ANI)

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