Conservative party politician slammed for badmouthing David Miliband

Friday, January 14, 2011

LONDON - A British politician from former Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s constituency has been slammed for calling him ‘cheap’ and a w****r.

David Potts, leader of the Conservative party for South Tyneside Council, attacked the South Shields MP for becoming vice-chairman of Sunderland football club, which had offered Miliband a 50,000-pound-a-year non-executive role.

“Miliband takes on Sunderland football role. If I knew he was that cheap I’d have offered him 50K years ago. What a w****r,” Mail Online quoted Potts, as saying on ‘Twitter’, a social networking website.

Following an outburst on the internet against his remarks, Potts, who represents the Cleadon and East Boldon ward, remained unrepentant and said: “Well he is a w****r. He couldn’t care less about South Shields.”

“I have made an offer to give him #1,000 in cash if he can teach my girlfriend how to cook,” he added.

Potts’ comments have been condemned from all quarters, including his own party.

“Football often raises strong emotions, but language like this is clearly unacceptable in political debate,” said a Conservative Party spokesman.

Iain Malcom, Labour leader of South Tyneside Council, said: ‘The comments are clearly outrageous from a senior public figure like Cllr Potts, he should withdraw them from his Twitter account and apologise to David Miliband.’

However, 45-year-old Miliband, who will be number two to the club’s current chairman Niall Quinn, has refused to comment on Cllr Potts’ remarks. (ANI)

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