Daring 41 female skydivers set new women’s free-fly world record

Monday, November 29, 2010

LONDON - A team of 41 brave and adventurous ladies has created a new women’s free-fly world record hurtling towards the ground at a speed of up to 200mph.

Female skydivers from across the world took off in three propeller aircraft from Sky Dive Arizona airfield in Eloy in the American desert state, reports the Daily Mail.

Diving from 16,500ft, the 41 fearless high speed record breakers linked arms for only 50 seconds as they joined together to hold formation and break the limit.

And according to organiser Amy Chmelecki, the experience has been “exhilarating”.

“We have been planning and training for this record for the past two years and have gathered together our crew using ads on Facebook, MySpace and sky diving magazines,” Amy said.

“Because the record is so dangerous and skilled we have been holding regular training camps at Sky Dive Arizona.

“Nothing though is quite like the feeling of the whole event coming together to know that we have smashed the record by a factor of times two,” the 37-year-old added.

Opening their parachutes at 6,500 ft, the ladies of Sky Dive Arizona hit speeds close to 200 mph during their dive.

The team is all experienced skydivers who volunteered to take part in the challenge during the past few months. The breathtaking stunt was captured on film by American aerial photographer Norman Kent.

The 52-year-old - a veteran of taking incredible images while plummeting at several feet every second - was armed with his trusty ‘head cam’ rig, which allows him to take shots mid-fall.

“This was a very dangerous jump because of the speed and the exactness of the skydivers to get into position,” said Kent.

“There is the misconception of terminal velocity out there. You can increase your speed as you fall and you don’t necessarily fall at a constant speed.

“That is the struggle for the ladies of this record. To all match up and fall at the same rate at the same time during their 50 second to 1 minute fall,” he said. (ANI)

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