Skilled worker is most respected professional in China

Sunday, November 28, 2010

BEIJING - Skilled workers in factories, farmers and engineers comprise the top three most respected professional categories in China, while people who work in the medical and entertainment industry come at the bottom of the list, a survey has revealed.

A survey, conducted by the Global Times Public Opinion Research Centre, was divided into 23 professional categories. The results showed that skilled workers came on top, followed by farmers, engineers, technical staff, scientific researchers and soldiers, the People’s Daily reported.

The researchers divided results into four classes based on the public’s perception of those jobs. Those professions with scores over 80 points belonged to the first class. Those that scored between 70 points and 80 points belonged to the second class. Between 60 points and 70 points marked the third class, and a score of 60 points or less was designated fourth class.

The first level included skilled workers in the factory, farmers, engineers and research staff.

The second level included soldiers, public safety officers, security personnel, firefighters and transport workers.

There are 12 jobs in the third level, including religious practitioners, literary workers, teaching staff, physical culture workers, restaurant industry workers, hotel industry workers, artists, vendors, legal professionals, media practitioners, financial industry practitioners, civil servants and business managers.

There are three categories in the fourth level, including medical workers, entertainment industry workers and cadres in agencies and institutions.

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