Transplant organ remains unscathed after jet crashes in flames in UK

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - A small plane carrying a transplant liver crashed injuring two people, but to everybody’s surprise the organ remained unscathed.

Although the aircraft exploded in flames in Birmingham, the body part was pulled from the wreckage and rushed to a hospital to be used in a life-saving operation.

“As the aircraft approached the runway it was leaning to one side. Once it hit there were flames before it broke into a big fireball,” the Sun quoted a witness, Dennis Gough, who was playing golf nearby, as saying.

Zenpix, an airport worker said, “There was a horrible noise. The plane burst into flames with a trail of fire behind it. My guess is some wheels hit the runway then some other part struck the ground hard.”

“When I ran over all I could see was the tail. The rest was in flames. I saw two people get out and run away. There was a huge ball of flames when it exploded,” added the worker.

A West Midlands police spokesman informed that as soon as the casualties were secure, this organ was also rescued and, under police escort, was taken to its destination.

The crash caused travel chaos, with all flights from Birmingham diverted or cancelled. (ANI)

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