‘Miss Congeniality’ Kate ‘wanted to save herself for someone special’

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - Kate Middleton didn’t just charm Prince Williams, but was a favourite with her fellow sixth-formers who voted her ‘Person Most Likely To Be Loved By Everybody.’

Her classmates at Marlborough College recall a stunning young woman who shied away from attentions of the opposite sex, intent on saving herself for someone special.

“She was stunning - every boy in the school fancied her rotten,’ one pupil recalls. ‘But apart from a couple of snogs she never went out with anyone. I got the very distinct impression that Catherine was the kind of girl who wanted to save herself for someone special,” The Daily Mail quoted one classmate as saying.

Her Year Book, compiled by students, depict Kate as a fun, popular girl but one who, even then, knew never to overstep the boundaries.

“Catherine was really good for a laugh. She was always raising people’s spirits and could be very goofy but was very sweet and quite shy at times,” a classmate recalled.

Her only shortcoming, if that, was her obsession with her body.

“Catherine’s perfect looks are renowned … but she is often found squinting down her top screaming, “They’re growing!”" wrote her peers.

One Willem Marx was rumoured to have been her ‘first love’, although her name appears alongside Henry Preston in the list of ‘Best Couples’.

Middleton was not a big drinker either.

One weekend she was among a group of girls invited to a black-tie party held at the house of Olympic horseman William Fox-Pitt. Kate, who had eaten nothing all day, spent the night dancing and drinking champagne.

“The following morning the girls got back on the train to Waterloo very hungover and without any sleep. As the train approached London, Catherine started looking very pale and she was violently ill,” a friend recalled.’

“That was the first and only time anyone ever saw Catherine drunk or even slightly out of control. It was so out of character.” (ANI)

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