Handwriting spells out differences between Wills and Kate

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - Amid the buzz surrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William’s impending nuptials, an expert in hand-writings has analysed touching messages left by the couple in the visitors’ book at their Kenyan mountain hideaway.

Ruth Myers, who did not know whose writing she was examining, said about the Prince’s writing, “This writing first ascends and the last half is descending. This indicates self-doubt. Unless encouraged, their interests begin to diminish and they may give up before a task is fully completed,” reports the Sun.

She also said” “The retraced writing indicates repression - unconscious fear. The writer is indecisive. Tiny writing indicates ability to focus but could mean timidity. This person works well under pressure. They have deep emotions but control their feelings.”

However, about Middleton’s handwriting she said, “Large writing indicates a need to be with people. They have a low boredom threshold and are outgoing and somewhat impulsive - totally different to the other writer.

This writer could be easily pleased or offended and has mood wings. They could be helpful to others and have good etermination. There is a tendency to deny problems and dislike riticism. Would not be able to really tell all to the first writer.” (ANI)

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